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The following programs are available for Libraries, Schools, Healthcare Facilities Adult Residences, Service Organizations, Coporate and Private Functions. Contact me if you need a specific program designed to meet your needs.


Who Stepped On Your Parsley?: Using the framework of his family's journey from the joys and hardships of the 'old country' through the trials and tribulations of living in 21st Century America, 'Who Stepped On Your Parsley?' weaves a vivid tapestry of life's lessons in a delightfuly engaging performance of traditional, contemporary and original stories, poems and anecdotes.

Peer Pressures: Boomers. We’re the generation that swore we would never grow old. Surprise! A humorous, poignant reflection on “the long strange trip” from rocker to rocking chair. 'Why I Love R&B'


HALLOWEEN: Ghouls, Goblins, And Haunting Tales: A ghoulish gallivant through the history of Halloween from ancient harvest celebration to modern day trick or treating. 'Harvest of Souls'

THANKSGIVING: A Day Of Grace: From the first Thanksgiving to the present. A celebration in music, story and poetry. 'Butterball'

CHRISTMAS/ HANUKAH/ WINTER HOLIDAY: A Christmas Tree For Sara: A delightfuly festive program of traditional, contemporary and original holiday stories. Festival Of Lights: The miracle of Hanukkah in song and story. Gift Wrapped: A joyful holiday celebration of seasonal traditions in song, story and poetry. 'A Christmas Tree for Sara'

VALENTINE'S DAY: Valentines: A poignant journey through the arc of relationships from the passions of first love to the constancy of old friends. 'First Date'

JULY 4th, VETERANS DAY, FLAG DAY, MEMORIAL DAY: America The Beautiful: Stories celebrating America, and the history behind our most cherished anthems. 'Memorial Day'


Memorial Day

"Memorial Day" A collection of poems written and performed by Tom Romeo. Click cover for samples and purchase info..











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